Prenatal Class Schedules & Locations

612-873-2229, or 612-873-BABY

Class Schedules

View the schedule of upcoming prenatal classes. (PDF)


Ready to register for classes?

You may register online or by phone at 612-873-BABY (2229). Register early; class sizes are limited. We recommend registering at least 6 weeks before the start of the class.


General Class Information

Can someone attend class with me?

We suggest that you bring a partner, relative, or friend to class with you. It is best to chose someone who you trust and who will be providing support for you during labor or after the baby is born.

How much do classes cost?

The cost of each class is listed on the page that describes the class. We will bill your insurance company (expect for Big Brother Big Sister, and Infant & Child CPR classes). Most Medical Assistance plans do cover most classes. If your insurance does not cover classes, then you may receive a bill for the class. Please call the Childbirth Education office at 612-873-BABY (2229) if you have questions about the cost.

If I take the Childbirth Preparation Express class, should I also take the Breastfeeding and Newborn Care class?

Yes, we recommend that you sign up for the Breastfeeding and Newborn Care class. These topics are NOT covered in the English Express class.

Where are the classes located?

All classes are held in either BL.320 (Blue building, lower level) or SL.180 (Shapiro building, lower level) Signs will be posted on the lower level of the blue building, near the vending machines, directing to the correct classroom.

Free parking is offered for all classes. You will receive a letter with classroom location and directions to the free parking lot.

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