I Don't Have Insurance

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Lack of health insurance or financial struggles should not prevent you from seeking or receiving care. At Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), our financial counselors will work with you to find a plan to help pay for your medical expenses. We do not deny care based on patients' ability to pay.

Financial Counseling Services

A financial counselor will help you determine what plan you qualify for and help you with the application process. Financial counselors can be reached at 612-873-2767.

MNsure Enrollment
On the MNsure marketplace, you can find, compare, choose, and get quality health care coverage, including commercial health insurance plans and low-cost or free plans through government programs. A financial counselor can help you complete the online application. If you are eligible for a government program such as Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care, you can enroll through MNsure year-round.

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Hennepin Care Enrollment
If you are not eligible for coverage through MNsure, you may qualify for HCMC’s Hennepin Care discount program, Hennepin Care provides discounted care based on family size and annual household income. A HCMC financial counselor can answer your program questions and help you complete a simple application.

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The amount of Hennepin Care discount varies depending on your family income, assets, and current medical debt.

Contact Us Today

Talk to a financial counselor today. Our financial counselors are prepared to help determine what plan you may qualify for and assist you with the application process. You can ask for help at any time, but it is best to seek assistance before or at the time of service. Financial counselors can be reached at 612-873-2767.