Hennepin Care Eligibility Guidelines

Hennepin Care is a financial assistance program offered by Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) to low-income, uninsured patients and families who are not eligible for coverage through the MNsure online marketplace.

Eligibility Guidelines

arrow graphic Before being approved for Hennepin Care, you must apply for all available coverage using our financial counseling services.

arrow graphic Your assets must be no greater than $3,000 for individuals or $6,000 for families to qualify for a discount of inpatient charges.

arrow graphic Your annual family income must not exceed a certain amount for your family size. See tables below. As part of the application process for Hennepin Care, adjustments may be made to the maximum income level based upon your current medical debt.

arrow graphic If you do not make the required co-payments, you may be dis-enrolled from the program.

Hennepin Care Maximum Income Levels

Please note: These income levels apply to Hennepin County residents only. If you live outside of Hennepin County, you may have different income level requirements.

Family Size Monthly Annually
1 $3,015.00 $36,180.00
2 $4,060.00 $48,720.00
3 $5,105.00 $61,260.00
4 $6,150.00 $73,800.00
5 $7,195.00 $86,340.00
6 $8,240.00 $98,880.00
7 $9,285.00 $111,420.00
8 $10,330.00 $123,960.00