Hennepin Care

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As part of our mission to ensure access to health care for all, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) provides discounted care to eligible patients and families through a financial assistance program called Hennepin Care. If you are not eligible for coverage through the MNsure marketplace, you may qualify for this program. Check to see if you qualify for Hennepin Care.

Hennepin Care provides a range of discounts on care based on your family size and annual household income. The Hennepin Care program is NOT health insurance. The discounts you receive on care are only available at HCMC. Hennepin Care covers most health care services.

Co-Payment Requirement

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Everyone on the Hennepin Care program is responsible for a co-payment at the time of service. If you do not make the required co-payments, we may need to reduce your discount or reschedule your upcoming clinic visit(s).

Outpatient Clinic Visit Prescriptions Emergency Department Inpatient Hospital Visit Urgent Care
$10.00 $1.00 generic $3.00 brand $30.00 $200.00 $15.00

Enrolling in Hennepin Care

To enroll in Hennepin Care, you must meet with a financial counselor and complete an application (Online Form). He or she will first perform a financial assistance screening to determine if any outside forms of assistance, such as a public health care program, are available to you. Once enrolled in Hennepin Care, you will be asked to renew your application ever six months. This application is available in four additional languages:


If You Don't Qualify

If you are uninsured but do not qualify for the Hennepin Care program, you will be eligible for the Self-Pay Discount. This discount is available to all uninsured patients who are paying directly for their healthcare services. Patients on this program are required to pay an estimated payment or self-pay deposit prior to or at the time of service and are billed at a discounted amount for any additional charges.